GoodYou English content marketing case study: 2019 Asian Tour Taipei Open

In February 2019, GoodYou Digital is honored to have the opportunity to plan a press campaign for an international competition, the 2019 Professional Ballroom Dance World Series Asian Tour Taipei Open. As one of the World Ranking Event designated by the World Dance Council (WDC), it gathered more than a thousand national and international competitors, attracting Taiwanese people, press and the government to join this pilgrimage of dance.

Mission of the Taipei Open

The organizer of the Taipei Open, Taiwan International Sports and Dance Development Association (T.I.S.D.D.A.), has been holding the event for 11 years. In the hope of promoting Ballroom Dancing nationwide rooting from Taiwan, this year, T.I.S.D.D.A. decided to get the news out internationally. Thus promoted its cooperation with us.

What we do to increase press coverage

With 12 years of experience in the news media, GoodYou Digital masters the process of implementing keyword SEO, writing and releasing press releases. To generate effectively international media exposure for the Taipei Open, we managed three things. 

1. Interview in advance

We interviewed the secretary-general of T.I.S.D.D.A., Chen Wei-Jiuan, before the event, learning the important details of the World Series Asian Dance Tour.

2. Native English writing

To adapt to a native English writing style, we also invited an American professional writer to write the press release. 

3. Timely news release of the event

We published the news in Yahoo U.S. two weeks before the event and announced the tour in Taipei to the world. It created an unexpected benefit by the piece of news.

The news of 2019 Asian Dance Tour Taipei Open on Yahoo Finance (Source: Yahoo)

Bonding through dance

This is our second cooperation with T.I.S.D.D.A. This year, we exposed the event to 30 American media and we have seen the results of our service last year. Foreign dance crew wrote to Chen Wei-Jiuan, expressing their willingness to collaborate and travel to Taiwan. 

Dancer expressed his willingness to travel to Taiwan. (Source: T.I.S.D.D.A.)

After 11-year efforts, T.I.S.D.D.A. has been dedicating itself to making the world see Taiwan through Ballroom Dancing, and GoodYou is honored to be part of it.


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