【英文新聞稿案例】No More Hide and Seek with Your Cat! CATSOLE Creates a Space for Cats and Cataholics to Live in Harmony

Are you a cat lover?

You must have suffered from these situations: cat hair around you, cats staying in unwanted places, ugly pet beds that they never sleep in, etc. Cats stay in dirty places like under the beds, sofas, or upon the cabinets or on the ceiling, even after having a shower.


The number of global cat owners continues to rise. According to the survey conducted by American Pet Products Association (APPA) during 2019-2020, 42 million US households have at least one cat. Pet furniture brand Elm Alley Pets says cat owners are constantly bothered by problems such as spending too much time looking for their cats after coming home, keeping cats away from dirty and dark spaces after bathing them, and putting a lot of efforts into cleaning cat beds. Therefore, providing a comfortable and safe living space for their cats has become a top priority for cat owners.


Cats feel insecure easily, especially when they are home alone. To ease anxiety, cats like to hide in small and dark places where they can’t easily be seen such as in a corner, under a bed or in a box. However, these places are usually filled with dusts, not to mention the mess caused by boxes lying around the house. With a cat bed that blends into your home decor and accommodates the cat in a fixed place, you can prevent your cat from hiding in dirty or dangerous places in the house.

CATSOLE is a beautifully-designed cat bed that would fit your interior design and it is super easy to clean because of our new patented texture. You don’t have to spend a lot of time washing and drying the cat bed. CATSOLE is machine washable and able to dry in any home dryer. Before washing in a washing machine, cat hair could be easily removed from CATSOLE, which keeps the washing machine clean as well.


The question is, how do you choose the right cat bed for your cat? As cats are cave-dwelling animals, Elm Alley Pets has created the CATSOLE cat bed for owners living in apartments. The four benefits provided by CATSOLE ensure cats and owners live in the same space comfortably and safely.

  1. Scratch-resistant silk-like materials: the one-piece, orb-shaped CATSOLE is manufactured in Taiwan. Using advanced technology and materials that can withstand heavy scratching, CATSOLE can prevent cats from damaging or tearing up the cat bed. The breathable silk-like fabric also makes the cat bed a comfy place to stay in all seasons.
  2. Machine wash and tumble dry allowed: as CATSOLE can be machine washed and tumble dried, you don’t need to worry about cleaning cat vomits or dirt. CATSOLE guarantees a longer and more sustainable lifespan!
  3. Blends in with home décor: the base of CATSOLE is a bentwood rack and the orb comes in four colors including white, gray, pink, and green to go with the home décor. CATSOLE can improve the visual aesthetics of the space in a home.
  4. Use of scent lure: many owners worry that their cats will refuse to get into the new bed. Therefore, Elm Alley Pets has sprayed catgrass on the inside and outside of the orb to help cats relax and lure them into the bed.

With your and your cat‘s needs in mind, Elm Alley Pets offers CATSOLE at an amazingly affordable price on Kickstarter for cataholics to try out the product ahead of others. The design of CATSOLE puts cats at the center by providing an orb and a base that blend into the home décor, including the living room, the desk, and the bed. It creates a shared space where both the cat and owner can live happily as cats can enjoy their privacy while owners can maintain their quality of living.

Easily create a space for both people and cats to live in harmony. Now on Kickstarter:

CATSOLE blends in with all kinds of home décor, making pet products a pleasure to the eye (Source: Elm Alley Pets)
CATSOLE blends in with all kinds of home décor, making pet products a pleasure to the eye (Source: Elm Alley Pets)
Meow Meow gets his Easter Gift – a huge egg from CATSOLE. It looks cute, modern and mysterious. Nothing can be better for him than a nice designed new bed.




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